The iPhone X’s screen costs RM1,800 to repair

We knew the Apple iPhone X was going to be expensive to repair but wow even we weren’t ready for how much it would actually cost. At least it’s not the most breakable iPhone yet, right?

Oh, whoops.

According to Malaysian Apple reseller Machines, a replacement screen for the iPhone X will cost you RM1,799, which is just an absurd amount. In fact, it’s solid mid-range smartphone money. That’s RM1,000 more than how much it costs to replace the screen on the iPhone 8 (RM799) and RM900 more than the iPhone 8 Plus (RM899). I guess that’s the price you have to pay if you want Super Retina instead of regular old Retina.

But, the future for iPhone X owners isn’t just a bleak one of empty wallets because there is a way to save money on the off chance you drop your RM5k+ smartphone.

Today, Machines launched an updated Machines Protection Plan device protection plan for iPhones (6/SE and above) which now also covers the iPhone X. As far we can tell, it’s pretty much identical to the one they already provide.

With the Machines Protection Plan (MPP), customers will receive 1-year extended warranty for iPhone and Apple Watch on top of the 1-year standard Apple Warranty. However, the MPP also extends coverage to accidental or liquid damage throughout the two year coverage period. This means customers can get either one iPhone screen replacement or one full device replacement during the coverage period.

While MPP covers all the labour cost associated with screen replacement, users will have to pay an additional service fee for full device replacements and battery replacements.

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The pricing for each supported device is as follows:

For more details on the Machines Protection Plan, you can head to