Apple wants you to believe the end of computers is near

iPad Pro Ad

Apple has been pushing the iPad Pro as a computer replacement for many. With a Smart Keyboard and an Apple Pencil, it can be a real productivity tool especially with the latest iOS 11.

To drive the point home, Apple has released a commercial about a life of a young student and her iPad Pro with LTE connectivity. With the iPad Pro and iOS 11, Apple believes a post-PC world is closer than you think.

In the video, she uses it to stay in touch with her friends, to complete her assignments, take pictures and to keep herself entertained. Towards the end, her neighbour asked her, “Watcha doing on your computer?”, to which she replied, “What’s a computer?”

Of course, many would argue that the iPad is just a plaything and you can’t do serious gaming, video editing and run hardcore PC-based application. That’s true, but if you think about personal computing as a whole, many had relied on PCs for web browsing, communication and entertainment in the past 15 years. Today, most of these functions are already possible on a mobile device which is much easier to manage compared to a clunky desktop machine.

While most Windows PCs are trying to shrink their form factor into slimmer 2-in-1 convertibles, Apple has made the iPad Pro more productive than ever when they rolled out iOS 11. Multi-tasking with split-windows is much easier and you can switch/launch apps seamlessly with its new dock.

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Alexander Wong