Maxis subscribers in East Malaysia use an average of 12GB/month

Mobile data has become more crucial for Malaysians. According to Maxis’ Q3 2017 report, an average Maxis customer uses an average of 7.5GB/month and over at East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak), it’s a staggering average of 12GB/month. They added that data traffic on their 4G LTE network has tripled over the past year and it is expected to rise even further.

When we spoke to their CTO a year ago, he mentioned that Malaysians are one of the highest data consumers in the world. In Q3 2016, an average Maxis customer consumes 4.3GB/month with subscribers at East Coast along with Sabah/Sarawak consuming 20-30% more data. With the current usage of 12GB/month in Sabah/Sarawak, looks like we’ve hit Ericsson’s South East Asia data estimates for 2022.

Maxis currently has a total of 10.1 million subscribers which is a slight dip from a year ago with 10.9 million subscribers in Q3 2016. Going into postpaid, they have increased their subscriber base from 2.678 million in Q3 2016 to 2.805 million in Q3 2017. Close to 2 million of their postpaid customers are already on their MaxisONE Postpaid plan.

Meanwhile, Maxis prepaid subscribers have dropped from 8.007 million users in Q3 2016 to 7.154 million users in Q3 2016. Despite that, they managed to double their Hotlink FAST customer base from 1.135 million to 2.23 million in one year.

For the first 9 months of the year, Maxis has invested RM647 million in their network and they currently have 89% 4G LTE population coverage nationwide. They also claim to have the highest network quality in the country as proven by many tests. With its network performance and improved customer service, Maxis also reported its highest customer satisfaction in Q3. They added that 90% of customer enquiries are addressed upon the first contact.

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In terms of financials, Maxis has reported an operating profit of RM1.2 billion and profit after tax of RM562 million for Q3 2017. These are the highest recorded numbers for Maxis in more than 5 years. You can read the full Q3 2017 report here.


Alexander Wong