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Maxis offers unlimited data for fixed broadband and mobile for your whole family

MaxisONE Prime Family

With Malaysian families getting more connected than ever, Maxis has introduced an interesting new product that provides unlimited data for the entire household. With MaxisONE Prime, you can get a fixed fibre broadband plus mobile postpaid line which gives you unlimited calls, SMS and data which can be extended to 4 family members. 

Maxis wants to be your end to end internet provider for both your home and while on the go. For its fixed home broadband which ranges from 30Mbps to 100Mbps, MaxisONE Prime users will get an additional 4G backup for seamless connectivity.  So if your Fibre service goes down, the router has a built-in 4G modem which will continue to provide your home with unlimited high-speed broadband with zero downtime. To ensure that your home broadband works with optimal performance, MaxisONE Prime customers will get free setup by the Maxperts team.

The MaxisONE Prime costs from RM367/month which comes with 30Mbps fibre and a single mobile line that provides you with unlimited calls, SMS and data. If you do the math, the RM367/month subscription fee is equivalent to subscribing a MaxisONE Home 30Mbps (RM179/month) broadband with a MaxisONE 188 Postpaid (RM188/month).

If you need more speed for your home broadband, upgrading to 50Mbps would cost you RM40/month extra (RM407) while 100Mbps costs RM120/month extra (RM487). Each supplementary mobile line costs RM48/month, which is similar to its current MaxisONE Share. Each supplementary line user will also get to enjoy the same unlimited calls, SMS and data perks as the main line.

When we asked about their Fair Usage Policy, Maxis reveals there’s one with 300GB per month but they do not impose any hard throttling on their MaxisONE Prime customers. If there’s data congestion on 4G, Maxis says that speeds would be reduced slightly (3-4Mbps) and it is still fast enough to provide standard definition video streaming. We are told that this slowdown would usually last for a few minutes, so it shouldn’t cause much impact to most customers.

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On top of that, Maxis is also making it easier for families to get the latest smartphones and home lifestyle appliances. Maxis will be offering TVs, soundbars, Sony PlayStation and more with zero upfront and zero interest. For more info, visit their MaxisONE Prime page.

Alexander Wong