Webe is no more and here’s what is going to happen

TM kills off webe brand

Webe is one of Malaysia’s youngest telco and they came in with a promise to reimagine the mobile space. After having two LTE plans and appointed its third CEO in just two years, the webe name has finally come to an end.

On Malaysia Day which falls on 16 September 2017, TM and webe will making their next step in convergence. If you’re a webe user, you will soon notice that your network name next to your signal bar in your mobile device change from webe to unifi.

In terms of products and services, nothing will change and they are still continuing their current postpaid plan that offers unlimited data, calls and SMS on their 4G LTE network. At least, that’s what they say for now. So basically, TM is calling everything Unifi, from fixed broadband to wireless.

What do you think of this move? Is it a wise choice to rebrand its mobile LTE service to unifi? Let us know in the comments below.


Alexander Wong