Mobile networks in Malaysia will suffer by 2020. Here’s what needs to be done


Malaysia Spectrum Gap 2017
Image Credit: Rick

Malaysians really love their mobile internet and our data consumption is set to increase exponentially in the coming years. According to Maxis’ Q2 2017 report, average data usage on their network has almost doubled from 3.7GB/month to 7.0GB/month year-on-year. In addition, Ericsson predicts that mobile data traffic will increase by 11X for South East Asia and Oceania by 2022.

While our telcos are continuously upgrading their network, there’s one major problem that would hinder our demand for more data and it’s up in the air. Based on UTM’s report on our mobile broadband development, Malaysia needs more spectrum in order to fulfil the growing need for mobile data. If Malaysia doesn’t take appropriate action, the quality of our mobile internet would deteriorate.

Alexander Wong