Here are top 10 new iOS 11 features coming to your iPhone

Apple has officially announced iOS 11 at WWDC 2017 which brings several new updates to its mobile platform. If you’re using an iPhone, here are some of the top features to expect when iOS 11 is available.

Redesigned Control Centre

The current Control Centre which is limited in number of toggles is finally getting a massive revamp with iOS 11. Now you can customise the Control Centre to feature settings that you need in a new tiled format. There are volume and brightness sliders on the same panel and it also has 3D Touch support for added functions. If you take a look above, you are able to get instant access to toggle your mobile data and personal hotspot without digging into your phone’s settings.

Improved Maps with better navigation

To avoid getting lost in buildings, Apple Maps is now offering indoor 3D maps at selected shopping malls and airports at major cities.

When it comes to navigation, Apple Maps also comes with a speed limit reminder plus lane guidance for easier driving.

DND mode for driving

Since we are on the topic of driving, iOS 11 also brings a new Do Not Disturb mode for driving. Using the phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi, iOS 11 will detect if you’re in a moving car and will automatically block notifications from distracting your drive. If someone messages you, iMessage will help you to auto respond by telling them that you’re currently driving. For those who are not behind the wheel, you have the option to disable this DND mode by verifying you’re a passenger.

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Augmented Reality

AR is seen as the next big thing and Google is pushing hard with its Project Tango which requires additional cameras for motion and depth sensing. Now Apple is making a huge leap by introducing its new ARKit for developers which will enable Augmented Reality across hundreds of millions of existing iPhone and iPads.

Using its current hardware, iOS 11 is able to provide a smooth motion tracking with ambient lighting and scale estimation. This will provide a better AR experience for apps including Pokemon Go. With this new development, iOS has become the largest AR platform in the world.

Send money to your friends using Apple Pay

While Apple Pay isn’t officially launched in Malaysia, the mobile payment system is now going beyond your typical point of sales. Apple Pay on iOS 11 gives you the added convenience of transferring money between friends. You can send money instantly via Messages and it’s secured by fingerprint authentication.

Any amount received is stored under Apple Pay Cash which you can use to spend in stores or transfer to your existing bank account.

New camera tricks

Live Photos has gotten more fun with added smart features on iOS 11. You can easily create loops, boomerang-style bouncing video and long exposure photos with the latest update. On top of that, you can also trim your Live Photos and save a specific frame as a static image.

The iPhone Portrait mode is now enhanced with more features. You can now take Portrait Mode shots with OIS, HDR and with True-Tone flash.

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Smaller photo and video sizes

iOS 11 also introduces a new compression technology for both photos and videos. For photos, Apple will be using High Efficiency Image Format which offers 2x better compression than JPEG. iOS 11 also uses H.265 (HEVC) format for videos which lets you shoot high-quality 4K videos with a smaller file size.

Improved Lock Screen

The new Lock Screen lets you view all your current and missed notifications at one place. This consolidation makes it easier to view more at a glance.

Redesigned App Store

The App Store has been redesigned for better discovery. Not only it looks cleaner with its Apple Music-like interface, it now has some editorial push to promote new apps and curated lists.

Natural sounding Siri

Siri is now improved to be more expressive than ever. Instead of a robotic response, Siri now sounds more natural and it works for both male and female voices. It’s also smart enough to perform translations in Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish on the fly. In addition, Siri is also capable of offering suggestions based on context. This is made possible through on-device learning according to your usage on Safari, News, Mail, messages and more.

iOS 11 will be rolling out officially during Fall which is sometime in September 2017. The preview of iOS 11 will be available for developers starting today and it will be available for public beta testing later this month. The latest iOS 11 will be compatible on iPhone 5s and above.

UPDATE: iOS 11 officially rolls out beginning 19 September 2017.

Alexander Wong