OPPO R9s reported to be the most popular Android smartphone in Q1 2017

Samsung has often maintained the top spot when it comes to global smartphone shipments, except for that one time in Q4 2016 during its Note7 fiasco. However, if you’re wondering which specific model is the best seller, you’ll get a rather different answer.

According to Strategic Analytics’ latest report, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the most shipped models for the first 3 months of 2017. Apple had shipped 21.5 million units of the iPhone 7 and 17.4 million units of its larger Plus model. That isn’t surprising since Apple focuses on a few flagship models compared to other manufacturers.

Interestingly, OPPO’s photography-centric R9s has clinched the 3rd spot making it the most popular Android model for Q1 2017. They had shipped 8.9 million units which commanded a market share of 2.5%. This is then followed by Samsung with the Galaxy J3 (2016) at #4 with 6.1 million units and Galaxy J5 (2016) with 5.0 million units. The Galaxy J series is a key volume driver for Samsung but they come in a huge range of models from its entry-level J1 to its top of the like J7 Prime.

In terms of overall shipment by brand for Q1 2017, Samsung has regained its #1 position with 79.2 million units shipped followed by Apple at 51.6 million units. The Chinese brands are not far behind with Huawei taking 3rd place with 34.2 million units followed by OPPO and vivo at 25.6 million and 18.1 million respectively.

For OPPO, it looks like they are doing rather well despite not having a proper flagship model. It has been more than 3 years since they introduced the Find 7, which is one of the first smartphones to feature a Quad HD display.

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As of late, OPPO focuses primarily on the premium mid-range segment while banging hard on their selfie cameras as a key differentiator. With their increased marketing efforts and celebrity endorsements, they are now a top 5 smartphone brand.

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Alexander Wong