GoPro Karma goes on sale in Malaysia next week at RM5,999

The GoPro Karma drone will be available in Malaysia from May 7 this year. The drone will retail for RM5,999 and it comes bundled with the HERO5 Black camera as well. The first 50 buyers will get free drone flying lessons organised by GoPro at Tadom Hills in Banting. The drone will also be available for purchase online at Lazada, Shopee and 11Street on the same day. You can experience the drone for yourself at the GoPro roadshow that will be held from May 24 to 28 in Mid Valley.

Scheduled to be released early 2016, the GoPro Karma project was delayed several times before it was announced in September 2016. Unique to the Karma drone is a removable handheld stabilizer (called the Karma Grip) integrated into the body of the drone itself. The Karma Grip can be removed and be used as a standalone camera stabiliser for GoPro cameras.

The early batch of Karma Drones were plagued with sudden power failure during operation. The case was severe enough that GoPro called for an immediate recall of all Karma drones available in the market and gave customers full refunds.

The Karma Drone was re-introduced into the market in February 2017 and will be available in Malaysia in May 2017.

In comparison the GoPro Karma’s direct competitor, the DJI Mavic Pro which flies faster, has a much longer range, is more nimble and maneuverable, and is much more compact than the Karma sells for RM4,556.94 (with 6% GST) for the drone itself and RM5,934.94 (with 6% GST) for the advanced bundle that includes extra batteries and a carrying case.

I’m not going to hide the fact that I prefer the Mavic Pro over the Karma but I have not flown GoPro’s drone yet, so it still may surprise me. Still, if you ask me which one would I get, I’d say the Mavic Pro, all the time.

Amin Ashaari