Apple refreshes the iPhone SE with 32GB and 128GB storage

iPhone SE Malaysia 32GB 128GB

16GB isn’t enough these days and Apple has revised its iPhone SE with more storage than before. Similar to its current iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 lineup, the iPhone SE is now available with 32GB and 128GB of storage.

In terms of price, both new storage option retains the similar price tag of its previous offering. Basically, you’re getting twice the storage for the same launch price.

iPhone SE 16GB 32GB – RM1,949
iPhone SE 64GB 128GB – RM2,449

If you’re interested, it will be available on the online Apple Store starting this Friday, 24 March at 11:01PM Malaysian time.

This looks like the main reason why the iPhone SE 16GB was getting a price cut. Since last week, the base model iPhone SE with 16GB is going for only RM1,699 while the 64GB version is now going for RM2,199. If you’re looking for a bigger phone, the iPhone 6 32GB has also arrived on our shores with a RM1,999 price tag.

Alexander Wong