No more accidental system updates for Windows 10

Yes, that’s right. Now YOU will be able to decide when your Windows will update. Windows 10 will not automatically take control of your computer and reset it at the worst possible moments anymore.

Here’s how the Windows 10 Creators Update will handle the system update:

You’re no longer going to get a teeny notification at the corner of your screen which you may fail to notice. Instead, you will be getting an “in-your-face” prompt that gives you three options; Restart Now, Pick a time or Snooze. The prompt will not disappear until you pick one of the three options.

The first two options speak for itself, but when you pick Snooze you will be able to snooze endlessly. Each time you hit Snooze, you will be able to delay it by three days until a maximum of 35 days have passed. After that, you can press a new “Remind Me Later” to delay the update again and again, one day at a time.

Even if you choose to do nothing and leave the prompt open, Windows is not going to force a restart if you’re not ready for it.

As annoying as it may seem, these updates are for your PC’s own good so security updates should be looked at with importance. These updates are vital in blocking security breaches that may have been uncovered in older builds. So instead of delaying the update, it may be a good thing to hit that Restart Now button.

For now there is no specific date as to when the Windows 10 Creators system update will be made available, but is said to be out in March or April 2017.

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