Sony’s new camera sensor shoots full HD slow-mo at 1,000fps


Sony may not be as great as before when it comes smartphones but they are definitely in the forefront of mobile photography with their range of camera sensors. You can find them in most flagship smartphones from Apple, Huawei and Samsung.

As everything looks dramatic in slow-mo, Sony is turning things up a notch with their brand new 3-layer CMOS sensor that shoots full HD 1080p videos at an incredible 1,000 frames per second. That’s crazy fast and Sony claims it is 8X faster than conventional image sensors.


To enable high-speed capture, the new sensor is a triple-stacked CMOS unit which comes with a DRAM layer in between. This allows faster data readouts with minimal focal plane distortion.


As a result, it can read a 19.3MP image at 1/120 of a second which is 4x faster than conventional sensors. This reduces the time lapse of reading each pixel line and you should be getting less distorted images when shooting fast moving subjects like the one shown above.


According to the specs, the sensor is 1/2.3″ in size and it can shoot 4K videos up to 60fps. There’s no mention of the actual model name for this new Sony sensor and they have yet to reveal any production timelines. For now you can watch the sample slow-mo videos taken with this new epic 1000fps shooter.


Alexander Wong