5 useful apps to teach your kids coding right now



Now, you may have heard that, starting next year, coding will be part of the national school syllabus. Reception has been mixed, with many asking questions like “what will they be coding on?” and “who is going to pay for the computers?” as well as my favourite, “who’s going to teach these kids to code?”.

It’s amazing how we’ve been independent for nearly sixty years, yet we still have so much British pessimism in us.

Well, as it turns out, coding doesn’t have too be too complicated, especially for those who are starting out. Coding is basically problem solving, and there are many existing applications, games and toys that have the basic principles of coding baked in.

When I was doing research for this story, what truly surprised me was how many, and how simple, some of these beginner-level coding programs can be. And honestly, you really don’t really need a computer to learn coding. You can very well do it with a pen and paper.

Now, with how accessible technology has become, you have even more options to get started with the fundamentals of coding. Here are five great tools to get you, or your kids, a head start with coding before the new year