SoyaCincau’s best “cap ayam” smartphones



We just passed Q2 of 2016 and throughout the year, there have been a bunch of new smartphones making an appearance. These devices range from the high-end flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, to more affordable handsets like the brand new honor 5C. But, for someone who is looking to spend the bare minimum amount on a handset, you might find that your choices are limited.

Many tech websites, us included, are guilty of almost ignoring the cheap and cheerful smartphones in the market. Sure, when they launch we take a look at them, be like “oh they’re OK” and then move on. That makes it really hard for someone who is on a tight budget to make the right decision when purchasing a budget handset.

The thing is, as we’ve discovered after some pretty extensive testing, there are actually some really good cap ayam smartphones here in the market.


Cap ayam, for those who are unfamiliar, generally means something that’s cheap and crappy. It doesn’t cost much, but also doesn’t do much either. That’s generally the impression people get when they look at super budget smartphones.

Before we proceed, I think it’s important that we set some ground rules on what cheap and cheerful smartphone can make it on our list.

1. The smartphone must be below RM600
2. The smartphone must have been launched in 2016
3. The smartphone must at least be usable (relatively smooth performance)

With the ground rules set, here are some of the best cap ayam smartphones you can get in the market right now. And trust me, some of these smartphones can easily punch above their weight.

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As usual, we will go through each device individually and at the end of it we will include an Editor’s Choice for the best smartphone under RM600 that you can buy right now in Malaysia.

We also have a detailed comparison table prepared for easy comparison between all the smartphones mentioned here. With that out of the way, let’s move onwards!