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OPPO F1 Plus review: Better yet exactly the same



I got stuck when writing this review for the longest time. I spent an unnecessary amount of hours staring at a blank page in Google Docs trying to come up with an angle for this smartphone. Is it remarkable? No, absolutely not. Is it terrible? Nawp, that’s not right either.

What on earth do I call the OPPO F1 Plus then?


OPPO upgraded their F1 “selfie expert” smartphone with this brand new F1 Plus awhile back. We all found out that the original selfie expert was far from a selfie expert, so the question became if this Plus added any more points into that stat.

On paper, things look pretty good. With a more capable camera in front than at the back, you could easily tell which end should be doing most of the work. It’s built pretty solidly too, taking many design cues from a particular American tech company.

But, one or two big questionable choices have caused this device, that could have been so much more, to fall into the same trap as its predecessor.