This week on SoyaCincau Live


We try to pay for stuff with a dumb watch! We look at some laptops! And, we discuss why some smartphones are so Xpensive!

3pm, Friday, June 10. Don’t be late.

So, the Touch N Go TimeTraveller. Dumb? Brilliant? Revolutionary? We try to find out what’s up with this befuddling watch.

We’re also going to have a quick recap of Computex 2016 with special guest Najib from TheSkop! ASUS! MSI! Dell! You name it, we’re probably going to talk about it.

Finally, we take a look Sony’s brand new Xperia X lineup that just hit Malaysian markets. Would we pay RM2,499 for the Xperia X?

Of course, we’re going to be answering as many questions as we can live on Facebook, so if you’ve got something to ask, be sure to tune into our stream!

If there are any other awesome topics you want us to talk about this Friday, let us know! Otherwise, we’ll see you on the 10th of June at 3pm!