TaxiLater lets you schedule Uber pickup requests in advance


Typically when you’re getting your Uber, you can’t schedule pickup rides in advance, but this third party app called TaxiLater picks up on the feature and allows you to do just that.

The app, originally spotted by the folks over at Gizmodo, exists specifically for getting your rides setup in advance. Aside from letting you do advance bookings, it also lets you select the kind of Uber you want, location for pickup and the time you want it to come. The app will also check if you’re willing to pay extra if surge pricing is in effect when your request comes in.

There is a caveat of course, as there’s no guarantee that an Uber driver will accept your request when you make it just because it was pre-scheduled. The rides are still subject to rider availability at the time.

The app seems to only be available on iTunes as of the moment, so it’s a no-go for Android users for now. Perhaps this will encourage Uber to eventually implement the feature for themselves?