Cahaya Malaysia submarine cable is finally repaired

TM has announced that repair works on the Cahaya Malaysia submarine cable have finally completed. As a result, international connectivity to the US, North Asia and Europe should be restored to back optimum levels.

About a month ago, it was reported that UniFi and Streamyx users were facing slow connectivity to international sites due to a fault on the 7,500KM long Asia Submarine Cable Express (ASE) submarine cable. There are 6 fibre pairs on the ASE and 2 of them are TM’s very own Cahaya Malaysia.

The restoration works were supposed to be completed by 31st March but it looks like it took a bit longer than expected. Fixing a cable under the sea isn’t exactly a walk in the park and it is also subject to adverse weather conditions. During the affected period, TM has taken necessary remedial steps which include rerouting international traffic via alternative links.

For those who are still facing connectivity issues are urged to contact TM at their respective channels including Twitter and Facebook.


Alexander Wong