A new airport taxi ride service is in town, starts at RM18


A new option just became available for travelers looking for a one way trip to KLIA or KLIA 2 for a flat rate and its called airport2u.

Created by two former taxi drivers, the app basically lets you book trips to KLIA or KLIA 2 from a set list of 27 locations (many of them malls) for up to three passengers in one ride. The rates start at RM 18 to RM 39.90 depending on the location.

The app in itself is pretty simple to use, you register your basic information and then just set the airport you need to head to, your pick up point and the date/time you wish to be collected. Then you’ll get an email with payment details. So far we’re finding it rather rudimentary but this is as straightforward as it gets.


However, even if you book for just one person you’ll still be sharing your ride with others as the pickup points will sort of act like bus terminals for ride sharing. It still a bit less hassle than taking the bus to the airports but if you’ve got a lot of luggage it might be a bit of a problem.

Price wise its still a bit cheaper than your average taxi ride that could set you back more than RM80 per trip, but it still looks like grabbing an Uber would still be a more versatile option as airport2u doesn’t do return pickups and has limited pickup locations.

You can check out the app on airport2u.com or on Google Play.