SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1,000



UPDATE: We have a new comparison for smartphones under RM600. Check it out here.

Getting a smartphone is usually a big decision. Unless money isn’t an object to you, this process will likely take a lot of notepad-pros-and-cons, weighing the features you need, the features you want and what you’re willing to spend on a smartphone before deciding.

That can be a lot of hard work, so we thought we’d do most of the hard work for you and list down some of the best smartphones under RM1,000 that you can buy officially in Malaysia.

Why RM1,000? It’s a sweet spot if you think about it. With how good cheap phones are getting and how cheap good phones have become, smartphones that hover around this price range can be absolutely great value for money. Plus, keeping your device expenditure within three figures is easier to justify to your bank account in the long run.

We took a look at several notable manufacturers who create some reasonably priced value-for-money handsets and picked their best with two important criteria:

1. It must have 4G LTE support

2. It must have at least 16GB of internal storage

Why these two? Well, it’s 2016 and if you’re going to be spending almost four figures on your device, it better be able to at least get you connected to the 4G LTE network your telcos are boasting about in all of their advertisements. For 16GB of internal storage, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory don’t you think?

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best devices you can get for RM1,000 and be sure to head to the last page for our top 3 picks of what we would pick up ourselves if we had to spend RM1,000 on a smartphone.

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We’ve also included a comparison table at the end of the post to help with comparing spec sheets.