iPhone SE is potentially faster than the iPhone 6s


The iPhone SE packs a powerful A9 processor in a compact 4″ smartphone body but is it really as good as the iPhone 6s? As we wait for the iPhone SE to hit the shelves, it appears that the new device is faster than its bigger models.


According to its Antutu listing, the iPhone SE gets an A9 processor mated to 2GB of RAM. This is the same configuration as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The camera listed is a 12MP main shooter with a 1.2MP front camera.


In terms of performance, the iPhone SE scored 134,358 which is higher than the iPhone 6s Plus that did 132,620. Not surprising since the iPhone SE has a lower resolution display which puts less strain on the processor. Despite having just dual-core processors and 2GB of RAM, the latest iPhones are capable of whopping other flagship smartphones in benchmarks.

So would you consider the iPhone SE? Or would you rather spend on something else from the Android camp? For many, a 4-inch smartphone is just too small and this could be Apple’s most brilliant dumb idea yet.


Alexander Wong