Apple begins USB Type-C cable recall on MacBooks with Malaysia also on the list


When you decide to be an early adopter of new tech, you’re definitely going to have some hiccups. The folks at Cupertino don’t do this often since they always ensure they’ve “refined” the whole thing down to a point of no failure – usually, that is.

This time, Apple came up short and have blamed a “design issue” at the root of this worldwide recall. Jony Ive’s critics must be having a field day with this news as the brand makes back-to-back “design” mistakes – remember that Smart Battery Case?

Anyway, if you dropped your dough on the MacBook, here’s how to get your USB Type-C cable replaced in Malaysia:

Check if you’re eligible by looking at your cable to see if they match the affected one below.


The ones WITHOUT a serial number after the “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China” are cables that’ll need to be replaced.

Once you’ve established that your included cable is eligible, head on over to participating Apple Authorised Service Providers and get your new USB Type-C cable replaced free of charge. Do ensure you bring along your MacBook serial number – preferably with the MacBook and its box in tow – for additional verification of eligibility.

To check your serial number, you can do so by checking in OS X by clicking the Apple menu, followed by “About This Mac”. Otherwise, you can physically check on your MacBook underneath the bottom of the laptop and also on the original product packaging.

You’ll have until June 8th, 2018 to get your charging cable replaced.

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Those who have picked up USB Type-C port have felt the pressure with OnePlus being the first one to feel the heat. Superhero Benson Leung has been on a campaign to test USB Type-C cables and adapters leading to the discovery of OnePlus’ big lapse in manufacturing.

The Google engineer’s testing has also included third-party cables and he’s established himself as USB Type-C man with a reputation to boot. Let’s keep hoping that he’ll continue his Superhero endeavours long-term, ensuring that none of us face the faulty USB Type-C cable ever again.