Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 set — one day before MWC2016


Samsung is unpacking more details about their upcoming event that we suspected would take place one day before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016. This time, we get an official announcement of the date — February 21 — exactly one day before MWC.

And so the stage is set.

Pretty darn sexy box if you ask me. Since now we have confirmation that the Unpacked event will be happening on the 21st, that means Samsung will be going head-to-head with its fellow South Korean manufacturer LG who is also holding an event on the same day.

Clash of the titans?

While we don’t think LG can even hold a candle to Samsung when it comes to sales, the flagship devices that these two giants can produce are pretty close in performance and capabilities. I mean the LG G4 is a great flagship phone and the V10 is basically a better version of the G4.

In any case, it will be an interesting day to say the least as these two giants vie for media attention. It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and its variants) will be revealed on that day itself, which we’re inclined to believe.

If you’re unable to attend the event in Barcelona itself, Samsung will be holding a live stream of Unpacked on YouTube at their channel or their Samsung Newsroom. The event will begin at 19:00 CET on 21 February which translates to 2 am local time on 22 February. Plus, if we’re looking at the video it looks like there might be a virtual reality stream. 360-degree video hype?

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To recap, besides a host of internal upgrades, the Galaxy S7 is said to feature a similar design to the Galaxy S6 but with dust and waterproof capabilities as well as a microSD card slot. If you’d like to know more about what we know about the S7, head on over here.


Speaking of Samsung’s anticipated next flagship, new renders from serial leakster @evleaks have appeared on the web that confirms our suspicions about what the device will look like — which is almost exactly like the previous Galaxy S. Either way, these are only renders so we’ll leave it up to your judgement on the validity of these images.