Celcom, TM and P1 will share network infrastructure for better connectivity


Three telecommunication companies – Celcom, TM and P1 have come together to announce a series of network sharing agreements. This would enable the 3 telcos to expand their reach and to provide a better internet experience for their customers.

The first agreement inked between Celcom and TM is to extend its partnership in TM’s Next-Gen Backhaul service. This would help Celcom to accelerate its 4G LTE coverage by providing a robust and high bandwidth capacity to their sites through TM’s fibre network.


Celcom taps into TM’s HSBB Network
The next agreement is to extend’s Celcom’s access to TM’s HSBB Network. This would allow Celcom to offer High-Speed Fibre Broadband services for both home and business users, similar to Maxis and P1’s Fibre offering. About 3 years ago, Celcom did offer Fibre Broadband on TM’s HSBB infrastructure and there’s a possibility of them relaunching this soon.

P1’s new 4G LTE service gets a coverage boost from Celcom
As you probably know, TM will be introducing its new mobile 4G LTE service this year via P1. In order to provide a a wide nationwide coverage from the start, Celcom has been signed as P1’s Domestic Roaming partner. This is similar to U Mobile’s Domestic Roaming arrangements with Celcom and Maxis, to cover places where U Mobile’s own 3G/4G sites are not available.

So if you’re out P1’s LTE coverage, you can always rely on Celcom’s extensive coverage in Malaysia for a seamless experience. It has been mentioned that both P1 and Celcom have been conducting user trials and network tests to ensure full readiness for its launch in the first half of 2016.

Alexander Wong