Nikon releases its first 360-degree action camera and it shoots in 4K


We finally have it, a major imaging and optics player has just released its first action camera. Nikon’s new addition will make the KeyMission 360 an only child (for now) in their new family of action cameras – probably the one and only that is capable of delivering a 360-degree field of view shot.

In a market space dominated by the likes of GoPro – as well as other emerging companies entering the party fashionably late, TomTom, Garmin and Sony to name a few – Nikon seems to be riding on the same wave.


Being a 4K ready 360-degree capable video camera, the shape it holds is weird, especially when we’ve come accustomed to the looks of GoPros. The frame is pretty much square but this is definitely no cube; two lenses sit on the front and rear of the KeyMission 360 while the exterior sure screams “rugged”. It isn’t all for show either, Nikon claims it’s shockproof up to a 2-metre drop and waterproof up to 30 metres. 

It doesn’t surprise us that other influential imaging companies are hot on the heels, as GoPros have been relatively popular since making its inception in the early 2000s. Drones have been hot too, so these two, when used in unison, would probably be one of the biggest leaps for photojournalism and news reporting.


Knowing this, GoPro will soon put out the Karma, a drone and 360-degree camera combo but that’s still in development; you can read about it here.

Nikon enters a new space and despite the forerunners mentioned earlier entering the market much earlier, none of them offer a small (true) 360-degree action camera. With this type of dual-lens 360-degree camera hitting the scene, it might pose a huge question mark for those bulky camera rigs that are used to deliver VR-videos; making these smaller options something you can pocket and go, rather than needing a fully fledged crew to handle a production.


The KeyMission 360 along with some nifty dedicated accessories will be out in Spring of this year; no pricing details have been released but more information will be available during Nikon’s CES exhibit scheduled to take place tomorrow.