Top 5 drone developments to watch out for this year



The unmanned aerial vehicle used to be a thing in the movies associated with weapons of mass destruction the size of a family saloon. That, or your three-man killstreak in Call of Duty.

Now though, these UAVs — or drones — are more commonly associated with fancy camera equipment you can use to film your cat climbing up a tree. Or sick drag race vids. We’d go with the cat though because we all know cats rule the internet.

In a short period of time, drones have intergrated seamlessly into our lives, with many using them for a variety of purposes. They have been used to advance the production capability of movies, TV series and Internet videos.

They have also been crucial for the development of photojournalism, allowing access into locations previously too precarious for photographers. Our boys in blue are also launching a “drone unit” to facilitate surveillance.

2016 looks to take drones to greater heights, especially with big players stepping in to push it forward. Before I drone on about their history, here are some cool drone developments we’re definitely looking forward to.