Samsung Gear S2: Unboxing and First Impressions



Samsung has come a long way since its first smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. Dropping its tech gadget looks for a more stylish appearance, the Gear S2 is their first model that comes with a round face.

In the past, Gear smart watches seemed to be a technological showcase of what Samsung can do on a tiny form factor. They’ve experimented many things from cameras, infrared blaster, heart rate sensor and even the ability to make phone calls over 3G. More recently they had flaunted their flexible curved screen capabilities on the Gear Fit and Gear S.

Focusing on style, the Gear S2 and its Classic variant are designed to look like a normal wrist watch, while keeping its smart “internals” out of sight. Most people wouldn’t notice it is a smart watch until the screen lights up.

The key differences between the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic is the appearance and the choice of straps. The Gear S2 has a simple and modern look while the Gear S2 Classic features a ridged bezel, mimicking the looks of an timeless watch piece. To personalise the look, the Gear S2 uses its own proprietary straps which is easily replaced without tools. However you’re limited to what Samsung has to offer in each respective market. Meanwhile, the Gear S2 Classic has the added advantage with a standard 20mm leather band that can be replaced with any similar-sized strap. The rest of its hardware and features are identical underneath.


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Alexander Wong