Invitations for an unknown Xiaomi launch event have just gone out; what could it be?


Buzzing of the many returns from Single’s Day, the Chinese smartphone maker has just announced plans to have an event on the 24th of November in its homeland, China. We’re pretty dumb-struck that they’d announce a device so soon and by the looks of the invitation it’ll definitely be a smartphone – so what should we expect?

Those lucky enough to be living near or willing to travel to the China National Convention Centre can get their hands on tickets for the launch – yes, tickets. Xiaomi will be selling off 500 of them for just US$ 31, as they usually do for domestic launches; this is due to offsetting cost of the door gift that every ticket holder will receive.


Translating the message, it says “The Best is Yet to Come”, so it doesn’t entirely give away a lot to begin with. Shared by Lin Bin, the company’s co-founder and president, this is sure to get everyone’s feather rattled up; with more discoveries of leaks and rumours, some including the fact that a Snapdragon 820 chipset will be powering their Mi 5.

No information or rumours have stated when their unreleased devices might hit but we’d bet on the Redmi Note 2 Pro being launched. It might be too far to expect the just recently launched Qualcomm flagship processor out in a device so soon – again, these are our hunches and no way reflect how the events might actually play out.

We’ll let the unknown be the unknown for now but be sure to keep up with the latest news on our site leading up to the 24th of November launch in China. Till then, do share with us your thoughts. Will Xiaomi release the Redmi Note 2 Pro so soon? Or have they been working with Qualcomm before the launch of the latest SoC to fast-track a release?

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