Switching to the new iPhone 6s? SenQ accepts iPhone trade-in on 16th October


If you’re getting an iPhone 6s outright without contract, SenQ wants to make the switch easier. They have just announced a trade-up program where you can trade-in your existing iPhone to get as much as RM900 off on your next device.


According to their Facebook post, they are accepting old iPhones from the iPhone 4 to the newer iPhone 5S. On the bare minimum, an iPhone 4 is worth RM250, while the iPhone 5S fetches up to RM900. There’s no mention if there’s a difference in trade-up value with larger storage capacity but you can find out more on 16th October when the iPhone 6s is officially available in Malaysia.

Historically, SenQ has been offering the latest iPhones on launch day and we expect them to do the same with the latest iPhone 6s. So if you can’t wait for deliveries from Apple Online Store and if the queues at Apple Resellers are too long, SenQ/SenHeng could be your alternative during launch day. They have yet to mention anything on their social pages and they would usually announce its stock availability a few days in advance.


Alexander Wong