The iPhone and iPad gets another price hike in Malaysia


Shortly after the announcement of the latest iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4, the Malaysian Apple Online Store has made some price revisions on its product line up. With no surprises, most of the current iPhone and iPad models are getting a price increase, no thanks to our weakening currency exchange rate.

The iPhone 6 Plus costs as much as RM149 extra while the iPad gets price hike as much as RM459.

Overall all models are getting an increase with the exception of the iPhone 6 16GB and iPhone 5S 16GB which have gotten a slight dip of a couple of ringgit. For the iPad range, the iPad mini 2 gets a slight reduction which is to be expected for an ageing model.

Below is the current full price list with the old post-GST price.

Latest iPhone Price in Malaysia

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 16GB – RM2,702 RM2,699
iPhone 6 64GB – RM3,126 RM3,199

iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB – RM3,126 RM3,199
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB – RM3,550 RM3,699

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S 16GB – RM2,278 RM2,199
iPhone 5S 32GB – RM2,490 RM2,499

Latest iPad Price in Malaysia

iPad Air 2
WiFi only
iPad Air 2 16GB – RM1,695 RM1,999
iPad Air 2 64GB – RM2,045 RM2,399
iPad Air 2 128GB – RM2,384 RM2,799

WiFi + Cellular
iPad Air 2 16GB – RM2,151 RM2,499
iPad Air 2 64GB – RM2,490 RM,2,899
iPad Air 2 128GB – RM2,840 RM3,299

iPad Air
WiFi only
iPad Air 16GB – RM1,356 RM1,599
iPad Air 32GB – RM1,536 RM1,799

WiFi + Cellular
iPad Air 16GB – RM1,801 RM2,099
iPad Air 32GB – RM1,981 RM2,299

iPad mini 2
WiFi only
iPad mini 2 16GB – RM 1,027 RM1,049
iPad mini 2 32GB – RM 1,207 RM1,199

WiFi + Cellular
iPad mini 2 16GB – RM 1,483 RM1,479
iPad mini 2 32GB – RM 1,663 RM1,649

For the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this marks the 3rd price increase since it went on sale late last year and the recent hike was when the 6% GST came into effect on 1st April. When the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB was initially launched, it was priced at RM3,149 and now it is sold at RM3,699. That’s RM550 more since launch which is about 17% increase after a year. Suddenly buying iPhones are looking like an investment if you bought one early.

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Apart from having the 128GB version discontinued, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus no longer has the Gold colour option. So if you’re looking for gold, you need to look for the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

So for the newer iPhones, be prepared to pay more once they get here. From the looks of it, it would take probably another 2 months and we can only hope that our currency doesn’t slide down further against the dollar.

Alexander Wong