Digi is Malaysia’s first telco to offer direct billing on the Google Play Store


Malaysians can finally take advantage of paying for their Play Store purchases through their monthly Digi billings. Further improving a system that sees many Malaysians with no debit/credit cards struggling in the past, to pay for any apps while on their Android devices.

Providing this alternative payment channel is an initiative to make the Play Store more accessible to the 22.1 million (approximate figure) Malaysians who currently don’t have a banking card to make payments (data by Bank Negara Malaysia). A testament that holds true for young customers who don’t have the luxury of having access to these cards.

Today onwards, Digi customers on postpaid can simply add any purchase (in-app or otherwise) on the Google Play Store and be billed directly to their monthly bill. On the other hand, those on prepaid aren’t left out, as they can use their prepaid airtime balance to deduct the purchases outright.


Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Thrane shed some light on the partnership – stating that “Digi aims to be the best mobile internet provider for the mass market.” and introducing a service like Direct Billing for Google Play Store serves to add value for their 11.8 million customers.

Looking at the Digi website, they’ve also support for the Windows Phone Store app, as well as the Blackberry World app – giving uses on these devices the same Direct Billing feature.


The telco provider hopes that their aforementioned efforts will kick-off an echoing effect for mobile app developers to step up localised content for our market. If you’re currently on Digi, or want to port over to start using this service, head over to Digi’s website to learn more.