MaxisONE Plan now refreshed with more data than before


The MaxisONE Plan promises peace of mind with its bundled internet, limit-less talk and SMS proposition. While the idea of not being charged extra for phone calls and SMS is good, many including us weren’t too fond of its paltry internet quota that came with it.

With internet becoming the core of smart phone usage, the folks of Maxis has finally updated its MaxisONE Plan offering with more data than before, and it hopes to be the “one” plan to suit everyone.


Similar to its previous offering, the MaxisONE Plan offers unlimited calls and SMS to any local numbers and should you exceed your allocated internet quota, there won’t be any excess charges but your speeds will be throttled down until you top up for more. If you use WhatsApp and Facebook, the new plan offers unlimited social chat usage and this will not consume your monthly data quota which utilises your quota but it is still usable after you’ve hit your quota limit.

For music lovers, streaming Spotify will be offered permanently for free and you can stream all you want without worrying about data quota and incurring streaming costs. On top of that, Spotify Premium is worth RM14.99 is bundled for free on the all new MaxisONE plans.


Before this, there were 3 plans – MaxisONE Plan, MaxisONE Plan Lite and MaxisOne Start. The MaxisONE Plan at RM128/month was previously the only option that offers true unlimited calls to any network while the cheaper MaxisOne Lite and MaxisOne Start were limited only to numbers within the Maxis/Hotlink Network. To simplify things, all new MaxisONE Plans now offers unlimited calls and SMS to any local number across the board and the only difference is the bundled data that you’ll need. There are total of 4 plans available that are named after its monthly commitment fee – MaxisONE Plan 98, MaxisONE Plan 128, MaxisONE Plan 158 and MaxisONE Plan 188.

With that, the minimum option is now priced slightly higher at RM98/month and it comes with 1GB of data bundled in. The next option is the MaxisONE Plan 128 which comes with 3GB of data. This is an extra 1GB for the same price that was offered previously. If you need 3GB, it used to cost RM158/month with the RM30/month extra data add-on.

Have a bigger data appetite? There’s the MaxisONE Plan 158 with 5GB and MaxisONE Plan 188 at 7GB. Basically you’re paying RM15/GB extra for each step above the base MaxisONE Plan 98 plan. As a promo, those who subscribed for MaxisONE Plan 188 will get 1GB extra for 6 months, giving you a total of 8GB/month.

Should you need more data, it will cost you 200MB for RM10, 500MB for RM20 and 1GB for RM30. That’s still quite expensive and if you know your usage patterns well, it is better to opt for a higher MaxisONE Plan option in the long run.

For more info, head over to the MaxisONE Plan page.

Alexander Wong