Google officially names Android M(arshmallow) version 6.0


The “Marshmallow ” in “M” the has been elusive from the majority since its preview. Many speculated of M&Ms, Milkshake, Mars (bars), Macaroon and even Android Muffin – just to name some we’ve seen on the internet. Previously unveiled during the search engine’s I/O in May this year, it’ll make its way to the new Nexus devices this coming fall.

From its material design in Android Lollipop, Marshmallow will exist to tweak optimisation by lowering RAM processes without sacrificing performance and improving standby times and battery life longevity on a single charge. Marshmallow is slated to bring a long list of new functionality and it’s been seen in 3 different versions of developer previews.


To recap some of the changes we’ll see when Android Marshmallow goes live in Fall:

App permissions are now simplified and ask you in real-time when apps need to use certain features (e.g. GPS for Google Maps)
URL links can be opened using specific apps
Android Pay aka Google Wallet 2.0 comes to make mobile payments easy through NFC
Native finger-print biometric security for unlocking the device and payments
USB Type-C and fast charging

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