Xiaomi’s 48″ super thin Mi TV 2S smart TV is out of the bag at just 9.9mm thick

Xiaomi very recently teased that they were launching something super slim, releasing teaser images about this new device that looked a lot like a flatscreen TV. With that the super sleek Mi TV 2S is now official, which is claimed to be as thin as their Mi 4 smartphone which was launched last year. The TV is to feature 4K support as well as a unique super compact plughead which is a first for smart TVs.


The Mi TV 2S is the updated version of the 2nd gen Mi TV, with the smart TV coming in a variety of sizes and colour options we don’t normally see on a display, with the aluminium frame to sport either pink, blue, lime, gold or silver colour configurations to spiffy up your living room. This time it looks like the display will only be available in one 48 inch configuration, but it will feature lossless 4K video support as well.


It may be thin, but its still not as skinny as Sony’s thinnest display which rolls in at about 4.9mm thick whereas the display here is 9.9mm thick.


In terms of specs, the display is equipped with an MStar 6A928 flagship processor mated to 2GB RAM as well as 8GB internal storage with the entire thing running on the MIUI TV operating system based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.


The brand has also developed their own independent sound system to go with the Mi TV 2S Theatre edition, which runs off Dolby sound tech. The system comprises of 2 silk tweeters, 6 full range speakers, a 6.5 inch passive radiator and 6.5 inch subwoofer. They claim that the new system sounds better than a Bose Cinemate 1 SR but we’ll save judgement for real world testing.

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Also something to mention here is that they’ve given the power plug an overhaul, moving away from the larger more familiar plug to this tiny one that only takes up half the space. Doesn’t look like it would work with Malaysian plug points though, if the picture is any indication.


The Mi TV 2S will be retailing for RMB 2,999 (about RM 1839) for the standard version and RMB 3,999 (about RM 2452) for the theatre edition which is a pretty sweet deal for a display that size. We probably won’t be getting the Mi TV 2S here just yet, but we will be sure to let you know if it decides to hit the market here.

So what do you think of this super skinny new TV?

More images of the Mi TV 2s