MaxisOne Share: Supplementary Postpaid plan with unlimited calls, SMS and shared data for RM48/month


The MaxisOne Plan offers unlimited calls and SMS with bundled 2GB data for a worry free experience. If the unlimited call proposition is too much for a single line, Maxis is now allowing you to take up additional supplementary lines with the MaxisOne Share Plan. For RM48/month, the extra mobile line can enjoy the same limitless talk and SMS, while mobile internet is shared from its main data quota.


The MaxisOne Share plan is only applicable to MaxisOne Plan subscribers (RM128/month) that top up at least 1GB of data (RM30/GB) and this comes up to RM158/month. Like its original MaxisOne Plan, data is not going to be cheap. If you need more, they charge RM30 for every extra GB per month and you can add-on to maximum of 5GB extra. If you do the math, the RM30/GB rate is expensive and it would cost you RM150/month just to get additional 5GB.

Each MaxisOne Plan subscriber can get up to 5 supplementary lines but the MaxisOne Share is limited to just 2 per principal account. This means, if you have 5 supplementary lines in total, you could only get 2 MaxisOne Share plans and the remaining 3 would be signed with other plans (e.g. SurfMore 30, Value Plus Family or Value Plus Internet 30).

If talking and and sending messages are more important for your household, the MaxisOne Share could be an alternative to keep a chatty family happy. Assuming each person can survive with 1GB of internet per month, it will cost RM85/month per user for a postpaid plan that offers unlimited calls and SMS to anyone within Malaysia (except for Premium numbers).

For more information, visit their MaxisOne Share page.