Leaked render shows clearest rendition of HTC One M9+ yet


Once again, thanks to @Upleaks we have a brand new render of the alleged HTC One M9+ variant way ahead of the launch event in Beijing this coming April 8th which teased a new One M9 variant with an one M8-styled duo-camera.

In terms or design, it looks like a dead ringer of the regular HTC One M9 with a few tiny differences. It has a second, larger camera as well as a Samsung-style fingerprint scanner under the screen, as well as some rather interesting colour combos – gunmetal grey on the front and back with gold accents at the sides. The image does line up with the leaks surrounding the smartphone, especially with leakers pointing towards a tweak M9 design for China and parts of the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) region.

The HTC One M9+ will have a 5.2 inch Quad HD display, high end octa-core MediaTek CPU with a heaping 3GB of RAM on top of the 20 megapixel camera and fingerprint scanner.

We don’t know yet if it will get a wide international release but we will be watching when April 8th rolls around.