Hyundai now lets you control your car with a smartwatch

Blue Link Smartwatch

If you happen to own a Hyundai, you’re in luck; you can now control your car with a smartwatch.

The Blue Link companion app developed by Hyundai for smartwatches is finally available to download for Android Wear devices, and it lets you pretend you’re a spy by letting you remotely take control of your car.

Sadly it doesn’t let you drive it remotely (we don’t think technology is that sophisticated yet) but it does let you remotely lock/unlock doors, start and stop the engine, flash lights or honk any Blue Link enabled car’s horn, call roadside assistance, and our favourite; help find your car if you’ve forgotten where you parked it. All of those functions are able to be done via voice command too; as long as you got your thumb on the mic button.

There will also be an Apple Watch version ready to launch the moment the wearable hits the market.