Huawei introduces the TalkBand N1 Bluetooth headset


Almost as if designed to give Samsung’s Gear Circle a run for it’s money, the Chinese company has also introduced the TalkBand N1 Bluetooth headset that’s aimed at the fitness market.

Aside from being well, a Bluetooth headset, the hardware is designed to provide some basic fitness tracking on top of having 4GB internal storage; that’s roughly equivalent to 1,000 songs. The TalkBand N1 has an inbuilt accelerator that will count the number of steps you take when synched up with the appropriate Android or iOS app which in turn will give you a rough estimate of calories burned. On top of that, they’re waterproof up to one meter, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet on a run.

The TalkBand N1 will be retailing at  €119 (RM480) and it should be hitting the shelves internationally in a few months though we don’t quite know when yet. But for when it does show up, it will be available in gold, gray or metallic pink.

We are in Barcelona for MWC 2015 so stay tuned for more information as it comes.