Xiaomi introduces its own WiFi enabled Air Purifier


Xiaomi has been teasing a new product a few days ago and it turns out that they are making their very own smart Air Purifier. In a country such as China, air pollution is a huge problem in major cities and it is worse than our local haze situation.

Like any Xiaomi product, the Air Purifier is affordably priced at 899 CNY (about RM506) and the filter replacement costs just 149 Yuan (about RM84) each. As you would expect, the Air Purifier is also an internet connected device where you can control it remotely via WiFi. There’s a special smart phone app which lets you control the speed and various settings too. If the filter is clogged and requires replacement, the Air Purifier is smart enough to send a notification to your smart phone.


While most air purifiers are bulky, the Mi Air Purifier takes up a small footprint that’s equivalent to an A4 paper. Despite its small size, the Air Purifier is quite powerful too with dual-fans capable of pushing 10,000 litres of purified air per minute (406m3/h). This is made possible with its unique 9 double blade design that allows a smoother air flow compared to traditional fan design.

To eliminate dangerous particles and toxins from the air we breathe, the Mi Air Purifier has a 3-layer HEPA filter which removes 99.99% of PM2.5 particles. According to the specs, the Mi Air Purifier should be enough to cover rooms of 28.4m2-48.7m2 in size. It is going on sale in China on 16th December 2014.

For more info, check out their Mi Air Purifier product page.

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