New Oppo N3 rear render reveals a different design


UPDATE: Oppo N3 launch happening on 29th October in Singapore. Details here.

Oppo will be launching its new photography and selfie centric N3 smart phone next month. A few days back, we’ve seen a front render of the purported Oppo N3 which came with a weird looking cylinder shape at the top. Now a new render has appeared that looks different and this time is shows the rear end of the device.

It looks more squarish with a flat top end like its current N1 and it appears to be rotatable as well. Also present are twin LED lights next to its main camera. The body seems to be a unibody design and there are metallic looking buttons or slots visible at the sides. So far we can’t be sure if this is a real deal or they are just merely prototype concept designs.

Which do you prefer? This design or the previous one?

Check out the full size of the Oppo N3 render after the break.


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Thanks to our tipster for the image above.