Get Lucky with Uber this Friday the 13th


In conjunction with Friday the 13th, Uber Malaysia is giving away its #Uberhashtag button badges to every rider from 13th June 2014 onwards until they run out of badges to give away.

Collect all 13 button badges and you may just score yourself some Uber credits and awesome Uber Swag merchandise (Collection of all prizes is on the 25th July 2014. Winners will be notified via email and will be invited to an exclusive Uber event.*)

To take part, follow @uber_my on Instagram and include the hashtag #myuberbadges along with the unique hashtag(s) on the badges you received.

To win, collect all 13 different button badges as per the visual shown below. Be the first to take a picture of all badges, post it on Instagram and just like that, you will receive RM1000 in Uber credits and Uber SWAG merchandise.*

2) WILDCARD (1 winner per day)
If you receive the wildcard badge with the hashtag #UBERfutebole2014, take a photo of that badge and be the first person to post it on Instagram for the day to win a RM50 Uber credit voucher.

3) #MYUBERSELFIE (20 Most Creative Pictures**)
Take a photo or a selfie with or of your #UberHashtag button badge(s) in your MOST CREATIVE way and be in the running to win a RM150 Uber credit voucher. Remember to include the #MyUberSelfie hashtag. Winners will be published on @uber_my Instagram profile.
HINT: Use the hashtag on your #UberHashtag button badges as a theme for the picture.

Get tapping and request those Uber rides now to start collecting your share of awesome #myuberbadges

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Terms & Conditions:
* Winners must be present during the prize giving ceremony at the exclusive Uber event to claim the prizes. Please bring along badges and email confirmation to be eligible for prize collection. Ends 13th July 2014.
** Winning photos are not limited to one per person. Prizes will be awarded based on most creative use of badges in photos.