VIDEO: Samsung shows off Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode as a life saver


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was recently found to be frugal with power. Earlier on we’ve seen a battery life test where the Galaxy S5 manages to push longer talk time and web surfing than its larger Galaxy Note 3 sibling. When you’re out on the go with heavy usage, going low in battery life can be a dreadful experience. To highlight Galaxy S5’s life saving potential, Samsung has just released a new video ad showcasing its Ultra Power Saving Mode.

The Ultra Power Saving Mode is an extreme way of stretching your usage from your battery’s final moments. When switched on, the display goes into monochrome mode which uses significantly less power on its AMOLED display. In addition, the functionality of the phone becomes very basic to calls, SMS and selected instant messaging apps to reduce unnecessary battery and data connectivity usage. According to Samsung, the Ultra Power Saving Mode can push up to 24 hours of standby time with just 10% battery left.

You can check out the new Galaxy S5 ad after the break. To get a better idea on how this works, we’ve also embedded a video walk through of Ultra Power Saving Mode as well.

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