VIDEO: HTC One M8 Design Story


Undeniably, the HTC One M8 is currently the best built and looking smartphone we’ve seen so far. It improves over its already premium feeling HTC One from last year and they have taken a step further with better use of metal and a new treatment that makes it silky smooth to touch. While the previous One has a metal back, the sides are actually layered with polycarbonate. The new HTC One M8 incorporates 20% more metal at the back which flows across the sides and onto the edges of the display giving a seamless unibody feeling without any sharp edges.

HTC has just released a video highlighting the design of the new One and their pursuit of making a device with striking design that feels good to hold. On the downside, the design makes it rather hard to repair but its durable design is proven to withstand drops better than other smart phone rivals.

The HTC One M8 has just gone on sale in Singapore but still no word of its official availability yet in Malaysia. If you can’t wait, the HTC One M8 can be yours right now at RM2,598 through grey importers.

Watch the HTC One M8 design story video after the break.

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