Hidden feature turns Galaxy S5 into baby monitor


UPDATE: Check out the demo of the Galaxy S5 Baby Crying Detector with a Gear 2 here.

The Galaxy S5 is packed to its circuits with features. Inside a shell that’s roughly the size of the Galaxy S4, which the Galaxy S5 replaces, you get a heart rate sensor, a fingerprint sensor, IP67 ingress protection and a whole host of electronic goodies but did you know that the Galaxy S5 can also work as a baby monitor?

Hidden inside the accessibility menu in the Galaxy S5 is a little known Baby crying detector. You place the Galaxy S5 close to your baby and when the child cries the detector will emit a vibrating alert to let you know that the little one needs attending to.

We didn’t really get a chance to try out the feature ourselves but we were told that the Galaxy S5 needs to be paired with a Gear smartwatch for the detector to work. We’ll surely explore this further once we get a Galaxy S5 for review.