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All New HTC One to feature Ultrapixel Technology


The All new HTC One is confirmed to be carrying its UltraPixel camera technology which made its appearance on the current HTC One. The UltraPixel camera boast low light capabilities with its larger 2.0 micron pixel size and f/2.0 aperture size which lets in more light when taking pictures.

However on the current HTC One, the actual camera sensor is only 1/3″ and produces a rather low effective 4MP image. Came along with it is an Optical Image Stabiliser for more stable handheld shots.

In our previous Camera Comparison with the HTC One, it didn’t produce as much detail when compared with its other 8MP and 13MP rivals but it did perform at certain areas during low light conditions. Now with the new HTC One, hopefully they would bump up the camera perhaps with a larger sensor.

The new HTC One is confirmed to be carrying a dual-Camera based on the tons of leaks we’ve seen earlier on. Apart from that, the new smart phone will also feature a two tone LED flash light which is likely to be similar to the one that’s found on the current iPhone 5S for more natural colours.

While the benefits of having 2 cameras beyond 3D imaging is yet to be known, some has speculated that the new One might carry a combination of 4MP + 2MP cameras.

One possible theory is that each camera will have a different standard wide angle and tele lens which both are utilised at the same time. After both pictures are taken, the depth of field could be change after that. This could be a “hardware” version of Nokia’s refocus app or more recently Samsung’s Selective Focus feature on the Galaxy S5. We will only find out more when the new HTC One gets revealed on 25th of March.

Watch the new teaser video after the break.