Samsung Galaxy S5: Ultra Power Saving Mode Explained

A smartphone is just as good as its battery. There’s no point in having a great device with the best specs that needs to be charged every few hours. And while many phones now have a battery saving modes to extend the life of your device between charge times, none takes the concept of battery saving to the extreme like Samsung with its Ultra Power Saving mode seen for the first time in the Galaxy S5.

Ultra Power Saving in the Galaxy S5 takes battery saving to a whole new level by limiting the capabilities and performance of the device to give a standby and use time that would make even the Nokia 3310 proud. In Ultra Power Saving mode Samsung claims that Galaxy S5 can lasts up to 8 days in standby mode with just a little over 30% of battery juice left.

But there’s a catch, in the mode, users have a very limited selections of apps that they can choose to run. On top of that the processor will be throttled down and the vibrant full HD super AMOLED display will be reduced to grayscale, Connectivity is kept to a minimum as well with the device switching off wireless connectivity when the screen goes to sleep. This combined with a few other tweaks allow you to get the most out of your battery and Samsung say, the extreme battery saving measures could also help users out in an emergency.

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