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Samsung Galaxy S5: Heart Rate Sensor Demo


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with features and by far the coolest of all of these features is the built in heart rate monitor.

The heart rate monitor sits just below the rear camera and it’s the first time that such a technology is seen in a smartphone and beyond being a useful to track your fitness, it is a pretty neat party trick to show off to your friends as well.

The sensor uses the S Health application to read your pulse and the sensor detects your heart rate by detecting the the changes in the reflected infrared signal caused by a heartbeat. This gives a fairly reliable reading that you can use to better track the effectiveness of your workout or to determine your fitness level.

The ability to read your pulse using a smartphone is not anything new. In fact, there are already a number of apps available that claim to use the same method to measure your pulse but the problem with these apps is that they use your phone’s regular camera to get a reading instead of using a more accurate infrared beam and receiver setup on the Galaxy S5.

In any case, head on over to after the jump to see how the Galaxy S5 reads your pulse.