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Forgot to bring your wallet? Withdraw or send cash with Maybank2u Cardless Withdrawal


According to a survey conducted a while ago, most people would prefer to lose their wallet rather than their mobile phones. What if one day you left home without taking your wallet and it is too troublesome to return home to pick it up? Recently Maybank has introduced a rather simple but yet useful feature called Cardless Withdrawal.

Essentially this is a fund transfer service which lets you send urgent cash to anyone and they can pick it up from any Maybank ATM machine. Best of all, the recipient doesn’t need to be an account holder or use an ATM card to receive money. All they need is the Transaction ID & the 6 digit passcode. When it comes to emergency situations where you don’t have anything but your smart phone, this can be a potential life saver.

Read on to find out how it’s done.


To initiate the transfer, just login to Maybank2u on the web or on its mobile app. Under transfers, you’ll find Open Cardless Withdrawal. Next, select the account from which you wish to transfer, the amount and the mobile phone number.

If you plan to send to yourself, just key in your own phone number. In terms of amount, you have a choice of RM100, RM200 and RM300. The process is pretty straight forward and both sender and receiver will receive an SMS once its approved.


The receiver will then get a Transaction ID while the 6 digit passcode is send to the sender. You’ll need both in order to complete the transaction. So if you’re sending cash to someone else, you’ll need to forward the 6 digit passcode and should you change your mind at anytime, you can stop right here. Take note that the funds will only be deducted once it is picked up and the code is valid only for 24 hours.

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To withdraw, just head to any Maybank ATM machine and press any key to continue. Select the language and the Cardless Cash Withdrawal option. Do have your Transaction ID and 6 digit passcode ready as the session could timeout if you take too long to complete the transaction. Once successful, the machine will dispense the cash and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you.


Each Cardless Withdrawal transaction is charged RM1 service fee but it is currently waived until 28th February 2014. Also if you have that one friend who keeps forgetting their wallet during lunch or dinner, they can now get cash with their smart phone.

For more information, head over to Maybank’s Cardless Withdrawal page.