Maxis offers BlackBerry Q5 from RM438


The BlackBerry Q5 is now available on contact with Maxis from as low as RM438. The Q5 is the most affordable BlackBerry 10 OS device in the market which retails at RM1,299 outright which even comes with 4G LTE support.

As usual, Maxis is offering the BlackBerry Q5 on its BBMore55, BBMore 88 & BBMore 148 plans and its bundled pricing as follows:

BBMore 55 (12 months) – RM1,198
BBMore 88 (12 months) – RM1,068
BBMore 88 (24 months) – RM738
BBMore 148 (12 months) – RM968
BBMore 148 (24 months) – RM438

To recap on the specs, the BlackBerry Q5 comes with 3.1″ 720×720 touch screen display and is powered with a decent 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM and a rather generous 2,180mAh battery. While the BlackBerry Q10 is seen as a BlackBerry Bold replacement, the Q5 is more of a BlackBerry Curve equivalent.

For more info, head over to Maxis BlackBerry Q5 page.