The BlackBerry Q5 is Now Available from Tune Talk


If you’re looking to get BlackBerry’s cheapest BlackBerry 10 device, the Q5, with a no strings attached mobile plan then you might want to check out what’s on offer from Tune Talk.

Being an MVNO that sells prepaid only you can forget operator discounts on the device. With Tune Talk, you will be paying full retail price for the Q5 but on the flip-side you won’t be tied down with lengthy contract commitments.

The BlackBerry Q5 sells for RM1,299 — pretty much RRP — and if you get from Tune Talk, they will throw in free delivery and a free Tune Talk SIM pack that comes with 1GB data and 60 minutes free talk time for 3 months (5 months free if you port from another operator).

After the promo period, you’re free to continue with Tune Talk Cun Pan for RM38/month with 1GB data and 60 minutes free talk time or — because there’s no contract — stop using Tune Talk altogether, the choice is yours.

Details on the BlackBerry Q5 promo from Tune Talk here.